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advectus gmbh ("advectus")

Terms and Conditions
regarding the use of" assideo "

  1. Scope
    These General Terms and Conditions apply to the license agreement-based use of the "assideo" work equipment by the contract partner.
  2. Conclusion
    A license agreement is concluded by the contracting party requesting the purchase of one of the service packages offered on the website of «assideo» by means of a form on the website of «assideo».
  3. License fee
    The amount of the license fee corresponds to the amount published at the time of the submission of the license application by the contractual partner on the website of «assideo» for the ordered service package. The prices quoted are in CHF, exclusive of the legally owed value added tax.
  4. Right of Use and Scope
    With the conclusion of the license agreement advectus grants the contracting party the non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the working aid "assideo" for a certain period of time. The scope of use is determined in terms of time and function according to the specification of the ordered service package published on the website of advectus at the time the license application is submitted.
  5. Warranty
    Advectus warrants that within 24 hours of receipt of written notice from the other party, the necessary arrangements will be made to remedy any malfunctions of «assideo». If "assideo" is unavailable for more than seven working days from the receipt of written notice from the contractor or if the work equipment suffers from significant malfunctions during this period, the contracting party is entitled to withdraw from this contract by written notice to advectus and the license fee pro rata temporis recovered.
  6. Limitation of Liability
    Subject to the warranty rights pursuant to para. 5 advectus accepts no liability for any damages incurred by the contracting party arising from the system application of «assideo» or in connection with the system failure or malfunction.
  7. Intellectual Property Rights
    "Assideo" will be made available to the other party for non-exclusive use during the period specified in the respective service package. All intellectual property rights remain with advectus. The contracting party undertakes not to copy, decrypt or otherwise use "assideo" in whole or in part, except as contractually agreed.
  8. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
    The contractual relationship between advectus and the contracting party is governed by Swiss law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes between the parties is the statutory seat of advectus.

    Zurich August, 2015