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«Reduced to maximum»

Assideo is the only Swiss solution to offer a complete package of tools needed for successful project organization. Whether SMEs, consulting companies or large companies, every company profits from the offer.

Complex projects are easily controlled by assideo and thus lead to the desired success. Along with many useful elements, you can accompany the project work with your employees step by step and identify problems early on.

Thanks to many years of project management experience, assideo has been expanded and refined over the last few years.

Selected features of assideo:

  • list of open issues
  • Decision List
  • Absence
  • hours Reporting
  • Cost Controlling
  • Risk Management
  • Change Management
  • Meeting Management
  • Work packages
  • Implementation Monitoring
  • Project Dashboard

"Operational use is based on theoretical foundation knowledge"

In addition to operational use, the solution also offers you the opportunity to systematically analyze your projects and to look at them in detail along the management theory of Gomez and Probst.

In addition to various customers in Switzerland, the tool is also in use at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences. It is used in the problem-solving and decision-making methodology module II to help students deal with complex projects and to show them how to handle practical situations.